Biomimicry in investing

Investing tactics inspired by nature and superinvestors. Invest you must, so invest like the best!


My philosophy

You can be a better investor, be it as a dividend grower, value discoverer, capitalist venturer or seed financier by trying to emulate the strategies, tactics and forms of Mother Nature and mimicking the investment approaches of other proven superinvestors.

About The Biomimcry Papers

The blog posts could be downloaded also as pdf papers. Their goal is to describe the way nature, through its incarnation in materials, animals and plants, can be applied in making your investment portfolio. I strive to both present you the theorectical parallels and give you practical tips and examples from real world superinvestors who already "did it''.

The multidisciplinary

Kuzman Kuzmanov

Born and raised in communist Bulgaria, where even the transition to capital markets was made in a planned way, educated in biology and chemistry within secondary french school, trained to be accountant by university, KPMG audit practice and ACCA professional qualification, and currently working in bank risk management, I would like to share my investment experience and the resulting vision for applying biomimetic approaches in building you investment portfolio.

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